Anti-Slavery & Human Trafficking

As a responsible company, we seek to carry out all reasonable and practicable steps (including desk-top and onsite audits including warehouse inspections) to ensure that the necessary standards are being adhered to, not only throughout our company, but in particular the businesses of our suppliers.

As a pharmaceutical wholesaler and retailer, our industry is heavily regulated and consequently we are obliged to meet exacting standards as part of both government legislation (such as MHRA and Home Office) as well as industry regulation. Moreover, our own customers (and some suppliers) are increasingly asking for copies of our codes of governance as part of benchmarking or tendering processes.

As a company, we are also subject to both frequent internal and external operational and financial audits. Therefore, a clear and adequate framework, promotion of good governance practice and compliance across the company are all key factors in helping us to manage our business, suppliers and supply chain.

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