Falsified Medicines

FMD Guidance Expiry Dates

The Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) came into force on 9th February and whilst there are a lot of packs in circulation that do not carry some or all of the new safety features, you will no doubt have seen some new FMD compliant packs.

Whether it new or old packs, you will likely have come across different formats of the expiry date (EXP) within the human readable text on packs.

It is safe to proceed with stock that differs from the mm-yyyy format, such as that featured in the image below which follows the less familiar yy/mm/dd format.

FMD Expirey Date

FMD Resources

Checklist - 5 step FMD checklist to help you become FMD compliant.


Alert codes and messages - details some of the most relevant alerts/messages from the NMVS, along with a brief explanation and suggested guidance and interpretation.


PHOENIX returns - guidance around changes you will see in the PHOENIX supply chain and helpful information around pack changes.


Frequently Asked Questions - guide to help answer any queries you may have.