The Group comprises of several brands which have strong and established reputations across the primary and secondary care sectors. Our contribution to creating a healthier UK is critical.

Rowlands Pharmacy

Rowlands Pharmacy is one of Britain’s largest pharmacy chains providing access to medicine and a range of community healthcare services such as medicine reviews, condition screening and healthy living advice.

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Numark is the UK’s fastest growing community pharmacy membership organisation. It provides its members with the professional and commercial support they need to deliver exceptional care to local communities.

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Hey Pharmacist

Hey Pharmacist is an online repeat prescription ordering platform and is wholly owned by the PHOENIX group.

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PSUK is the largest supplier of medicine to General Practice in the UK. It provides a wide range of professional services, support and products to GPs, hospitals, Family Planning Clinics and dentists.

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NuCare works in partnership with pharmacies, GPs and nurses to support patients with a full range of incontinence, ostomy and wound care services and products.

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Nupharm is responsible for purchasing and importing medicines from other EU countries thereby reducing the drugs bill for the NHS.

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PHOENIX Healthcare Distribution

PHOENIX Healthcare Distribution plays a critical role in the nation’s healthcare infrastructure ensuring medicines are distributed to hospitals, pharmacies and GP surgeries throughout the UK safely, efficiently and cost-effective for the NHS.

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PHOENIX Hospital Solutions

PHOENIX Hospital Solutions is our dedicated proposition within the secondary care channel.  Committed to meeting the needs of an evolving NHS, we offer innovative services and supply chain solutions to help our hospital customers drive operational performance and improve efficiencies.

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Whatever supply chain and patient engagement requirements are needed, PHOENIX has a high-quality solution. Through our All-in-One approach, we work in partnership with manufacturers to develop the bespoke package of added-value services they need to meet their particular business goals.