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Rowlands Pharmacy

Rowlands Pharmacy is a centrally managed chain of over 521 pharmacies and is wholly owned by the PHOENIX group. Rowlands also operates a successful e-pharmacy business with over 90,000 registered patients.

Rowlands is the fourth largest pharmacy chain in the UK and through strategic acquisition and relocation, Rowlands branches dispense 25% more prescription items* than the average UK pharmacy. Short lines of communication and a flat management structure results in a highly compliant chain of pharmacies that drive volume, sales and patient focused services.

Our aim is to deliver exceptional customer service and to exceed the healthcare and wellbeing needs of our patients. One of Rowlands’ main differentiators is our Elite Service Pharmacy proposition and Patientfirst initiative.

An Elite Pharmacy is our gold standard and is proven to maximise health outcomes and patient benefits through the outstanding provision of both NHS and commercial healthy living services.*

The Patientfirst initiative puts Rowlands Pharmacy at the cutting edge of medicines adherence development by ensuring a consistent patient centric approach to medicines provision and adherence is offered by all members of the pharmacy team.

Rowlands have a dedicated Pharmacy Services team who drive commercial value through service development in collaboration with a range of stakeholders including manufacturers. Rowlands has a strong focus on the development of sustainable patient centric services that meet the needs of the population and the NHS with the provision of clear qualitative and quantitative outcomes.

* Rowlands Pharmacy Internal Data

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