Press releases

GlucoRX have selected PHOENIX

GlucoRX have selected PHOENIX in a new Reduced Wholesaler agreement from the 1st of April. This is great news for our customers, who will be able to continue ordering the entire GlucoRX range from PHOENIX as normal. Customers will also have access to a competitive market discount of 3.25% on all GlucoRx products.

EAN NumberPIP CodeProductNHS List Price
40382352032753865656GLUCORX ALLPRESAN F/CRM BASIC 125ML£5.50
40382352102733865649GLUCORX ALLPRESAN F/CRM BASIC 35ML£2.65
40382352202723996949GLUCORX ALLPRESAN F/CRM BASIC 300ML£9.75
40382352122773865631GLUCORX ALLPRESAN F/CRM INT 125ML£5.50
40382352222763865623GLUCORX ALLPRESAN F/CRM INT 35ML£2.65
40382352322753996956GLUCORX ALLPRESAN F/CRM INT 300ML£9.75
50603422412524010534GLUCORX CAREPOINT P/N 12MM 29G£2.75
50603422412074010484GLUCORX CAREPOINT P/N 4MM 31G£2.75
50603422412144010492GLUCORX CAREPOINT P/N 5MM 31G£2.75
50603422412214010500GLUCORX CAREPOINT P/N 6MM 31G£2.75
50603422412384010526GLUCORX CAREPOINT P/N 8MM 31G£2.75
50603422417884059143GLUCORX CAREPOINT P/N 4MM 32G£2.75
50603422402003761590GLUCORX FINEPOINT P/N 8MM/31G£5.95
50603422402173761608GLUCORX FINEPOINT P/N 10MM/29G£5.95
50603422402243761681GLUCORX FINEPOINT P/N 12MM/29G£5.95
50603422401703759255GLUCORX FINEPOINT P/N 4MM/31G£5.95
50603422401873812674GLUCORX FINEPOINT P/N 5MM/31G£5.95
50603422401943761582GLUCORX FINEPOINT P/N 6MM/31G£5.95
50603422405213938966GLUCORX FINEPOINT ULTRA 4MM/32G£5.95
47170950344643996899GLUCORX GO METER + 50 T/STRIPS£9.95
50603422405453948726GLUCORX HCT GLUCOSE STRIPS£9.95
50603422405523948734GLUCORX HCT KETONE STRIPS£9.95
50603422401563810942GLUCORX KETORX STICKS 2GK£2.25
47106366442383491354GLUCORX LANCETS 200£5.50
47106366463793552718GLUCORX NEXUS METER KIT£9.95
50603422416414043063GLUCORX NEXUS MINI ULTRA METER£9.95
47170950301213552726GLUCORX NEXUS T/STRIPS£9.95
47170950301143798261GLUCORX NEXUS VOICE METER£9.95
50603422416653491347GLUCORX Q T/STRIPS£5.45
50603422405833948767GLUCORX SAFETY LNCT 28GX1.8MM£5.50
50603422405693948742GLUCORX SAFETY LNCT 23GX2.2MM£5.50
50603422405763948759GLUCORX SAFETY LNCT 26GX1.8MM£5.50
50603422409273958063GLUCORX SAFETY LNCT 30GX1.6MM£5.50
50604911200334037859KEYA GLUCOSE KETONE TEST STRIPS (50)£15.95
50601234145784089710GLUCORX GEL RASPBERRY RIPPLE 15G£6.95
47106366461023547213GLUCORX LANCING DEVICE£2.95
50603422416584062691GLUCORX Q BLOOD METER£9.95
50603422417954052460GLUCORX GO PROFESSIONAL METER+50 T/STRIP£9.95