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PHOENIX UK acquire 100% stakeholding in PharmAssist

Today, PharmAssist can announce that PHOENIX UK has acquired a 100% stakeholding in the company. PharmAssist is the UK’s leading online purchasing solution for community pharmacies with over 3000 thousand members taking advantage of the competitive prices which are available through its portal.

PharmAssist will continue to operate as an entirely separate business from the rest of the PHOENIX group and will retain its own Managing Director and operational independence. It will continue to provide members with quick and easy access to the best prices within their chosen suppliers which means pharmacists have more time to provide services patients want and the NHS is willing to pay for.

Amar Randhawa, managing director of PharmAssist, said, “This is an exciting opportunity for PharmAssist and our members. Through an arms-length independent relationship with PHOENIX UK we believe we can grow our membership even further – Numark is already by far the country’s leading provider of membership services and support to independent community pharmacists.

The agreement makes it clear PharmAssist will continue to operate separately from PHOENIX and to reinforce that message we would welcome any of our users to arrange a visit to our site to discuss how it works and how we can support their business”.

Commenting on the news Steve Anderson, managing director of PHOENIX UK, said, “Investing in a cutting edge tech company – which PharmAssist is - provides a strong fit with our growth strategy to provide our independent customers with the broad range of support and services they need to succeed”.