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Rowlands Pharmacy relaunch NSPCC partnership.

After 12 years in partnership, Rowlands Pharmacy and NSPCC are relaunching their relationship to strategically focus on reducing the risk of child neglect in local communities by recruiting a network of neglect champions.

Rowlands Pharmacy are a long-term supporter of the NSPCC and are committed to supporting the charity’s work to ensure that every child gets the support they need to rebuild their lives after abuse.

Since 2006, the community pharmacy chain has raised over £600,000 through events such as the London Marathon, charity balls and in-store fundraising to support the NSPCC’s services.

This year, NSPCC and Rowlands are launching a new partnership to prevent child neglect in local communities by providing helpful advice and support to parents when they need it most.

Neglect is the most common cause of abuse in the UK but it also the most difficult type of abuse to identify. Neglect can happen if parents are dealing with complex problems which affect their ability to meet their children’s needs. These problems can include domestic abuse, drug and alcohol misuse and mental health problems; as well as lack of social support and the long term effects of childhood abuse and neglect themselves. The more of these problems a family is facing, the greater the risk of harm to children.

But child neglect is preventable not inevitable, if early intervention and the right support is put in place.

Rowlands will be recruiting a team of NSPCC Neglect Champions who will work closely with the NSPCC to help prevent neglect in three ways:

  • Increase knowledge about how to spot signs of neglect and what to do if there is a concern about a family in a Rowlands branch. 
  • Share NSPCC parenting guides and campaigns to help families in their local communities. 
  • In-store fundraising events to specifically fund the NSPCC’s neglect services, helping those most at risk get back on track.

Speaking on behalf of Rowlands Kenny Black, Managing Director stated

“We look forward to this new chapter of our relationship with NSPCC which aims to support parents and carers across the UK to get the help they need to ensure that every child has a happy and healthy childhood. As a business, we are passionate about supporting our local communities and have a duty of care to continue to offer our customers access to more knowledge and tools so that they can keep healthy. We intend to be part of this great cause for as long as we can to ensure we can have a big impact for families in our local communities.”

Tess O’Callaghan, Senior Partnership Manager at NSPCC added:

“We are so grateful for all the support that Rowlands Pharmacy has given the NSPCC over the last 12 years. Now we’re excited to relaunch our partnership and work together to ensure that families who are struggling know where to go for help. Child neglect is preventable and by working in partnership with organisations like Rowlands, we hope to prevent abuse by it starts.”