Governance & Compliance

As one of the leading pharmaceutical traders in Europe, the PHOENIX group makes a major contribution to pharmaceutical healthcare provision within the countries in which we operate. PHOENIX enjoys an excellent reputation within the pharmaceutical industry including all UK Governments and influential healthcare business partners.

These well established relationships are critical to our success and are the result of years of work by our teams.  Each and every PHOENIX group employee is committed to supporting all UK countries to deliver the very best in healthcare and this has been instrumental in developing positive relationships with industry stakeholders.

PHOENIX seeks to comply with all relevant laws, regulation and governance principles that are applicable within the European Union and within the individual country where PHOENIX operates. PHOENIX respects the principles of freedom of expression, the right to information, the independence of media, as well as the protection of privacy.

Quality and our environment

At PHOENIX we recognise the importance of having high quality standards and sound green policies, striving to be as ethical and green as possible in our operations.

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BSI Environmental Management System Certification

Taking over responsibility

The PHOENIX Group as a whole adheres to the principles of the United Nations’ Universal Declaration on Human Rights as part of its corporate activities.

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All employees within PHOENIX agree to a confidentiality clause as part of their contract of employment. This clause confirms the requirement for them to ensure that all confidential information which they may have access to whilst on our customers’ premises remains confidential at all times.

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